After many twists and turns between different judicial bodies, the police investigation is now in a new department: the Unit for Work Environment and Environmental Crimes at Police Region West

After the extensive landslide outside Stenungsund, the police launched an investigation into suspected public destruction on Saturday. Then the classification was changed to environmental crime on Monday, but that preliminary investigation has now been closed.

Crimes can lead to imprisonment

Now the case has been reclassified once again because it cannot be proven that it was done intentionally. The new classification is now gross negligence.

– We will collect testimonies, including those who have worked for various excavation companies, says Stefan Larsson.

The penalty for gross negligence is imprisonment for up to two years.

Complicated investigation

At present, only one investigator together with the head of the preliminary investigation is handling the investigation.

"We are now reviewing all relevant information in this complex investigation, not just what directly relates to the landslide.

Is it reasonable for only two people to investigate?

"If more investigators are needed, we have resources," adds Stefan Larsson.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority is also gathering facts after the incident, but the authority has not yet decided whether to investigate the causes of the collapse.

In the clip below: Here the rescue helicopter searches for people in the mud

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The pictures show where the slope at the E6 in Stenungsund collapsed. See the pictures in the video and hear the expert sort it out. Photo: Mikael Berglund/Hanna Brunlöf Windell/TT