The boy came armed with a mora knife to Jämjö Knowledge Center, according to several witnesses, to take revenge after an altercation that occurred this weekend.

When he met the girl he had been arguing with in the hallway, he pulled out the knife, put it to her throat and shouted "I'm going to kill you".

Another student who was nearby and tried to intervene was in turn threatened with a knife. The incident was averted when a teacher intervened and pushed the boy away. Later, the boy was arrested by police in a field near the school.

The incident, which occurred in March, led to the school having to make a so-called containment where students and staff had to lock themselves in the classrooms.

Now the boy is charged with two counts of aggravated unlawful threats.

The boy denies the crime, and states in interrogation that he only showed the knife to some students because he felt threatened.

See SVT's report from the event:

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The police were alerted to Jämjö Knowledge Centre after information about a person armed with a knife. Photo: Wivan-Kristina Sandberg/SVT