• Mallorca The conviction of the old man who killed the assailant of his house could be annulled by a legal error

The National Police of Palma de Mallorca have arrested a man for abusing and sexually assaulting his underage daughter repeatedly for five years.

The UFAM of the National Police learned through a complaint of abuse and sexual assault by the father towards his daughter when she was a minor and that lasted in time, until the young woman filed a complaint.

The victim lived with his mother but at his father's insistence went to live with him. Little by little the father managed to get him away from his mother and the maternal family. Since the victim went to live with her father, she has been suffering abuse and sexual assault by him. The abuse occurred when his father wanted and repeatedly, having sex.

The events occurred when both were alone in the father's home and even in different hotels where the father took him and the two stayed alone. The father had also abused two friends of the young woman, to whom he came to touch private parts.

Once with the complaint the agents carried out an investigation, taking various statements and taking steps to clarify what happened and as a result proceeded to the arrest of the parent last Sunday as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault.

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