Jiujiang, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- On the evening of 26 September, the final of the first "Respect Cup" Military Song Singing Contest of "Love My People, Love Our Army" China Xiushui and the award party of the second "Zheng Lucheng Cup" Military Song Creation Contest and the military-local party to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the Yan'an Double Support Movement were held in Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, where the first military flag was born. In the end, the "New Yimengshan Minor" sung by the Jiujiang Staff Choir won the first place in the table choir group, and "Border Bird" sung by Li Mengzhen won the first place in the performance singing group.

The evening kicked off with the sitcom "Autumn Harvest Uprising". The evening was divided into three chapters: "The Light of Army Building," "The Road to Rejuvenating the Army," and "The Dream of Strengthening the Army." Songs such as "New Compilation of Yimengshan Minor Tune", "There is a Red Army Bridge in My Hometown" and "On Taihang Mountain" led the audience to review the arduous course of the people's army from its establishment to its gradual growth; Songs such as "The Soul of the Border Army", "The Place Where I Stand" and "When That Day Comes" show the revolutionary tradition of revolutionary soldiers in the new era who obey the command of the party, can win battles, and have excellent work styles; Songs such as "National Affairs Are Always Greater Than Family Affairs", "Watch", and "Soldiers Guard Peace for the Country" show that the heroic people's army has continued to write a new chapter of the era on the road of strengthening the army with Chinese characteristics, and has radiated a new era style; Songs such as "Who is the Cutest Most", "I Want to Be My Mother the Most" and "Ten Thousand Empty Alleys" express the love of the people of Jiujiang for their children and soldiers, and show the strong love of the army and the people supporting the army.

The scene of the first "Respect Cup" military song and singing competition of "Love My People, Love Our Army". Photo by Hong Xianzhi

The songs sung at the party were not lacking in well-known classic military songs, and the atmosphere of the whole party was warm and wonderful, and the carefully choreographed and positive energy programs left a deep impression on every audience present. The party ended successfully with the chorus "Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China".

The scene of the first "Respect Cup" military song and singing competition of "Love My People, Love Our Army". Photo by Hong Xianzhi

It is reported that the organizing committee of the competition also specially appointed Mr. Ren Baoping, vice chairman of the China Choral Association, chairman of the Chinese University Choir Committee, and a famous conductor and choral artist, as the artistic consultant of the "Respect Cup" Military Singing Competition, aiming to build the "Respect Cup" Military Singing Competition into a nationally renowned national defense education and double-support work brand.

It is understood that since the launch of the "Love My People, Love Our Army" First "Respect Cup" Military Song Singing Competition and the Second "Zheng Lucheng Cup" Military Song Creation Contest since its launch in Xiushui County on June 6, it has received a positive response from singing enthusiasts and songwriters across the country, a total of 26,2961 people registered for the competition, attracting 2744,1 singers to participate in the military song singing competition, and finally selected 2 first prize, 3 second prizes, 6 third prizes and 287 excellence awards; It attracted 217 repertoire and 20 lyricists to participate in the military song creation contest, and after expert review, a total of 10 winning works were selected, including 10 gold awards and <> excellence awards. (End)