China News Network, September 9 According to Yonhap News Agency, on the 26th local time, the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea held a trial at 26 a.m. to review the necessity of arresting Lee Jae-myung. It will be the first time in the constitutional history of South Korea's largest opposition party leader to appear in court to review the necessity of arrest.

Prosecutors and Lee are reportedly expected to engage in heated arguments in court over the focus issues. The prosecution will emphasize that Lee is more likely to destroy the evidence, and argue that Lee is suspected of violating the crime of abetting perjury and enlisting most of his civil servants to make statements in his favor, thereby obstructing justice. On the contrary, Lee will emphasize that the prosecutor forced and coerced relevant people to make false confessions and conduct illegal investigations. He will also point out that he is not in danger of escape, emphasizing that the case-handling organs should conduct investigations based on the principle of protecting the personal freedom of suspects.

Data map: Lee Jae-myung.

According to reports, the court will review the opinions of the prosecution and defense and decide whether to approve the arrest of Li Zaiming that night or in the early morning of the 27th. Lee will await the results of the review at the Seoul detention center.

Lee Jae-myung allegedly conspired with Jung Jin, then director of the Seongnam City Policy Office, from April 2014 to February 4 during his tenure as mayor of Seongnam, to take advantage of his position as mayor to provide various benefits to private developers in the development of a building on state-owned land formerly owned by the Korea Food Research Institute, helping them make a profit of 2017.2 billion won (about 1356 million yuan), resulting in a loss of 7 billion won for the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation that was excluded from the project.

He is also suspected of extorting a $2019 million bribe from Kim Sung-tae, chairman of the Group, from 2020 to 800 through Lee Hwa-yong, former Gyeonggi vice governor in charge of peace affairs, on behalf of paying for a visit to North Korea. He also allegedly approached Kim Jin-sung, secretary of former Seongnam mayor Kim Byung-ryang, in December 2018 and asked Kim Jin-sung to appear as a witness to make a false statement about his alleged impersonation as a prosecutor.

On September 9, South Korea's National Assembly held a plenary session and voted to approve Lee's consent to detention. As a result, the court will review the necessity of Lee's arrest.