What other efforts are being made? And what about the powers of teachers? You can hear the answers in the clip above.

During 2023 and half of 2024, the Swedish Work Environment Authority will carry out targeted supervision to review how Swedish schools work with preventive threats and violence against school staff.

"Small teaching groups"

Over the past five years, the number of enrolments from Swedish compulsory schools has been around 700 per year.

– We need smaller and more teaching groups for those students who cannot go to a regular class, says the Minister for Education Lotta Edholm (L) in SVT Nyheter's interview.

New government grant for emergency schools

54 municipalities in the country have so far applied for the government's new grant to establish emergency schools, The appropriation for 2023 is SEK 50 million.

Falkenberg municipality is the only municipality in Halland that has applied for the money.