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  • Investiture speech Feijóo points directly against Sánchez and amnesty: "I will not do it because I have principles, limits and word"

More than an hour and 40 minutes of intervention by Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Pedro Sánchez has not been seen taking a note. He listened from his seat. He commented with the first vice president, Nadia Calviño. Anger and discomfort in the socialist ranks with the initiatives, approaches and proposals made by the candidate for investiture. "The speech of candidate Feijóo has a watermark: that of the lie that represents saying that he has the votes to be president." And a conclusion that emanates from the socialist leadership: "It has been a mediocre presentation in society of the next leader of the opposition."

There have been times when in the socialist bench there have been ironic smiles, faces of surprises, comments ... For example, when the leader of the PP has raised the increase in the minimum interprofessional wage, since the PP opposed all the times in which the last legislature was voted, rising from 750 euros to 1080 euros. "Cynicism", "zero credibility", "now he says he will do everything he has opposed", comment in the socialist ranks.

"Feijóo is incapable of spinning a speech without resorting to lies and hypocrisy. Because it is a lie to call this investiture debate or to say that the PP raises the SMI more than the PSOE. And hypocrisy is to appeal to renew the CGPJ and just then put another excuse for not doing so, "said the acting Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños.

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The protagonists of the investiture session

  • Writing: EL MUNDO

The protagonists of the investiture session


A rocket to Mars with 11 million silenced by Sánchez

  • Writing: EMILIA LANDALUCE Madrid

A rocket to Mars with 11 million silenced by Sánchez

"We have seen a speech truffled with cut and paste of the great successes and usual hoaxes in the interventions of Feijóo. He does not seem to have needed much preparation, as he said nothing new in his long speech. Unable to respond to the loud and clear message sent by Spanish citizens on 23J, he takes refuge outside the seat of national sovereignty to seek what he does not find in the results emanating from the elections, "they expose from Ferraz after the intervention of the candidate for the investiture.

The Socialists also emphasize the new crime that Feijóo has proposed to introduce in the Criminal Code, that of "institutional disloyalty". "Is that crime for those who have not complied with the Constitution for five years? Well, they [PP] would be condemned," Patxi López, parliamentary spokesman for the PSOE, said ironically in his assessment of the speech.

From Sumar has been charged against Feijóo for "not being at all credible" and for his "lies" but at the same time it has been celebrated that "finally ends this farce" that has made "waste too much time to citizens". "Today begins the road for Spain to have the progressive government it needs. The only possible government," said Yolanda Díaz.

For her part, the parliamentary spokeswoman, Marta Lois, has remarked that the leader of the PP will leave Congress alone for "going hooked with the extreme right" evidencing his lack of support and having raised an investiture that goes "nowhere".

The deputy of Sumar and leader of the commons, Aina Vidal, has acknowledged that they have been negotiating amnesty with the independentistas "since July 23" and that now they will run out of time to be able to complete the negotiations and achieve their votes. The Catalan deputy has pointed out that the referendum of self-determination is a "political horizon" for Sumar but has said that we must be "honest" and assume that such a consultation "will not happen in a week or in 15 days", but that everything would happen by "expanding dialogue and dejudicializing the conflict".

The spokesman of the PNV, Aitor Esteban, has assured that the speech of Feijóo has been "a kind of first rally of a supposed electoral campaign" in case there was finally a repetition of the elections. He has been "surprised" by the "numerous self-amendments" in his speech, of economic scope on issues on which the PP voted against, and on the blockade of the CGPJ. "It has been a speech directed at the internal parish," he criticized.

On the part of EH Bildu, Oskar Matute has ironized with this "covert motion of censure" and that Feijóo "stopped the clock in 1978" and that he does not want anything to exist afterwards. Thus, he has paraphrased a famous movie saying that it is "Lost in Transition". For Matate, the summary is that "all the right" have undertaken "a journey to nowhere", although it is always "united".

Vox to the PP: "We are obliged to understand each other"

From Vox, its parliamentary spokeswoman, Pepa Millán, celebrates that the PP has "added to its speech" various "approaches" of Vox, such as a national water plan or the fight against squatting as a priority. "We are obliged to understand each other," Millán said in relation to the numerous agreements that the PP and Vox have reached in autonomies and municipalities.

"It is not time for doubt," Millán urged after thanking Feijóo "the recognition" to the 33 deputies of Vox for their support in this investiture. Santiago Abascal will be the second to speak this afternoon, after Pedro Sánchez.

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