Right now, the Swedish Work Environment Authority is conducting inspections at Swedish schools for just over a year to review how they prevent threats and violence against school staff.

Approximately 700 notifications per year

In recent years, enrolments from Swedish compulsory schools have been around 700 per year.

Halmstad is one of the ten municipalities from which most notifications have been made, 86 since 2018 to today.

"Many dare not talk"

Behind one of the reports is Karin's story. After working as a teacher for 20 years, she was victimized by students.

"It started with me being harassed by a student and then several people joined in," she told SVT's interview.

Watch the interview with Karin in the player above.

Karin finally felt compelled to resign.

"There were many colleagues who came up to me and said I was strong, many dare not talk about this.

The vice-chancellors do not comment

SVT News Halland has given the principals at the school the opportunity to comment on the case. In an email, one of them writes:

"We will not comment on an individual case in an interview."