Last year, Åsele municipality had a surplus of SEK 20 million, this year it will be negative results. Inflation and the war are the explanation.

The majority in the municipality consisting of the Social Democrats and the Åsele Party wants to implement the savings.

The proposals for savings measures hit Fredrika hard. The special accommodation Duvan and the library are proposed to be closed.

For the school's part in Fredrika, only grades 1 and 2 remain, other classes have to travel by school bus six miles to Åsele.

"The death knell for us"

The frustration among the residents of Fredrika is great.

"I think it's absolutely terrible. This is the death knell for us," says Elin Karlsson.

"We have to save broadly. These SEK 3.5 million will not be enough, says Andreas From (S) municipal commissioner in Åsele

On October 2, the City Council will decide the issue.

In the video you hear Stig, one of the six people who live in the nursing home but may be forced to move.