Lawyer Johanna Bratt works specifically with asylum issues and believes that it is unusual for people not to be granted work permits at the same time as the residence permit is granted.

"They cannot be deported to their home country. I find it difficult to see the benefit in not letting them work despite an extended residence permit, says Johanna Bratt, lawyer.

May not establish themselves in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency's justification for the decision is that Battal Battaloglu should not be able to establish himself in Sweden - at the same time as he cannot be deported to Turkey due to the risk of harm.

According to Johanna Bratt, the Security Service's assessments that a person should not be able to establish themselves in Sweden do not necessarily need to concern the person in question. She says that SAPO can start from different angles when making such assessments.

SAPO responds

The Security Service tells SVT that they do not comment on individual cases, but says that they act as a referral body to the Migration Agency in such cases - which then makes decisions on residence permits and work permits.

"Goes against basic principles"

– What worries me as a lawyer is that the person gets almost non-existent insight into the Security Service's investigation – even though it is crucial for the outcome, says Johanna Bratt.

In the clip above: Hear her talk more about the case and why it is complex.