China News Network, September 9 Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 26th Beijing time, the competitions of the 24th Asian Games kicked off one after another, and the whole of Asia entered "Hangzhou time". In this "largest Asian Games in history", the media of all countries around the world spoke highly of its scientific and technological innovation, cultural experience and service guarantee.

"A wonderful high-tech exhibition"

The official website of the International Olympic Committee reported on the 23rd that the 45th Asian Games was grandly opened, and China's science and technology and culture shone at the Hangzhou "Big Lotus" Stadium. In the next ten days, 12417,481 athletes from <> Asian countries and regions will compete for <> gold medals in Hangzhou.

Russian media "VESTI" reported that the grand light show of the 19th Asian Games was held in Hangzhou, and the opening ceremony used modern high-tech and used green environmental protection technology, which not only presented a stunning light show to the world, but also provided a wonderful high-tech exhibition.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the 23th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang. The picture shows a brilliant light show lighting up the night sky of the Qiantang River. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

In addition to the scientific and technological elements displayed at the opening ceremony, Japan's "Economic News" reported on the 23rd that the security personnel of the Asian Games will wear AR smart glasses independently developed by Chinese technology company Rokid. Through AR glasses, wearers can directly communicate in real time by accessing IoT data, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of personnel verification.

In addition, robot dogs were deployed in the underground power supply facilities of the Asian Games, which can minimize the risk of electricity use and improve work efficiency, the media said.

The "Humanistic Asian Games" demonstrates cultural self-confidence

Regarding the unique charm of the "Smart Asian Games" and "Humanistic Asian Games", Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao also released an article "Asian Games Side Notes" on the 23rd, introducing the digital high-tech used in the media center, as well as Chinese traditional culture and Jiangnan style from the first perspective of reporters.

The reporter wrote, "Walking out of the main news center, you can see cultural elements with Chinese characteristics, Jiangnan charm such as Chinese painting, celadon, tea art and fan art, digital technology and life experience hall, and even traditional Chinese medicine culture experience hall, in addition to the Chinese medicine classics and specimens displayed on site, you can also make appointments for services such as traditional Chinese medicine tuina." ”

On September 9, the digital supermarket on display in the main media center attracted visitors. On the same day, the main media center of the Hangzhou Asian Games held a media open day, and the technology and traditional cultural projects unveiled on the scene attracted people's experience.

Singapore's "8 World" also said on the 22nd that many athletes spoke highly of the arrangements of the Asian Games Village and praised the accommodation and meal arrangements.

A reporter from South Korea's "TV North Korea" TV station even "went out of the circle" on social platforms for sharing the food of the Asian Games Village.

In his sharing, Chinese food such as crab flour xiaolongbao, fried spring rolls, and Cantonese-style roast duck are mouth-watering. On the 19th, the reporter posted the food of the Asian Games Village, and said with the text, "To tell the truth, the food in the media restaurant is really delicious." Traveling to lose weight seems to be a failure. There are three types of duck meat that I like, what do I eat at night? ”

All kinds of projects are full of highlights

An important highlight of this year's Asian Games is a number of non-Olympic sports with distinct regional characteristics. Euronews reported, "As the Asian Games kick off, people will enjoy a variety of different sports, including some that have not been heard of at previous Asian Games." ”

The Associated Press reported that some highly Asian sports, including kabadi, rattan ball, wushu and ke jiu-jitsu, will appear at the Hangzhou Asian Games. At the same time, "intellectual sports" including bridge, chess, etc. are also a major feature of this Asian Games.

On the evening of September 9th, the final of the taekwondo mixed team competition of the 25th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held in the gymnasium of Lin'an Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center. China won the championship by defeating South Korea 19-84. The picture shows champion Chinese players Song Zhaoxiang, Zhou Zeqi, Song Jie and Cui Yang (from left to right) taking a group photo after the award ceremony.

In addition, the performance of Chinese athletes on the first day has also won widespread praise from foreign media. The Associated Press reported on the 24th that Chinese athletes have been performing well in the Asian Games for the past 40 years, and they are also the same in the 2023 Asian Games. On the same day, the host Chinese team ushered in a good start, winning 20 golds and winning a number of records in the subsequent swimming competition. (End)