He said this in an interview with journalist Andrew Napolitano on the YouTube channel Judging Freedom.

"All this revision of history that is happening is done only for the reason that Ukraine is defeated, the West is desperately trying to figure out how to embellish this situation," Johnson said.

He called the disgusting attempt of Canadian journalists to present the situation in parliament as something heroic.

"Just listen to this disgusting comment by a reporter who says that he (SS. - RT) joined the SS to "fight the Russians." They don't know the history of World War II," he stressed.

Host Napolitano, for his part, noted that he had always considered Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be a "lunatic" despot.

"But why do this? Why apply this Nazism to Zelensky's visit to Ottawa?" the journalist asked.

98-year-old Yaroslav Gunka, a former fighter of the volunteer division "Galicia" of the SS troops, which was recruited from Ukrainian nationalists and not only fought with the Red Army, but also noted for atrocities against Jews, Poles, Belarusians and Slovaks, was invited to a meeting of the Canadian parliament in honor of the visit of Vladimir Zelensky.

The Russian Foreign Ministry then said that Moscow would not tolerate how Canadian liberals flirt with Nazism.

At the same time, Polish Ambassador to Canada Witold Dzelski said that the Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Gunka should be prosecuted.