Jean-Luc Boujon // Photo credits: Adrien Nowak / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 06:15, September 26, 2023

The President of the Republic wants the French to turn more and more to electric cars. It also wants to develop the use of heat pumps for heating and develop the thermal renovation of housing. The question that arises this morning is: do the French have the means for this ecological planning?

In principle, everyone agrees with the president: to preserve the planet, it would be necessary, for example, to switch to the electric car. Except that the wallet is stuck for many French. Because the electric car is frankly not for everyone, says Sébastien, interviewed at the microphone of Europe 1.

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"Those who have a little income, they are not entitled to anything"

"The first problem is money. There, I was looking, there is an electric Mégane that is exposed, it costs 47,000 euros. We are talking about an electric Renault Mégane, 47,000 euros. Which household can buy a car for 47,000 euros? I, personally, can't. I earn 2,000 euros a month, I bought a car for 19,000 euros. So Macron, he's very nice, but..."

Ditto for the thermal renovation of buildings. Very expensive, especially when the aid does not concern everyone. "There is aid, but it's always the same, it's for those who have almost no income. Those who have a little income, they are not entitled to anything. So automatically, they have to finance it themselves. So it's difficult," Jean-Philippe told Europe 1.

"Half the price of the whole installation, it would be not bad"

Why not then a heat pump? "It's really not bad in terms of savings. At the level of personal consumption too. And also for ecology, the planet. But we must put everything in place financially so that we can take the plunge. Aid, for example. Half the price of the whole installation, it would not be bad, "says Julien who finds many qualities in this mode of heating. The French are ready to make an effort, but with significant support from the state.