DRC: strong reactions after Corneille Nangaa's accusations against Felix Tshisekedi

In the DRC, the serious accusations of Corneille Nangaa against Felix Tshisekedi have been at the heart of discussions since Saturday, September 23. In a statement, the former president of the electoral commission at the time of the 2018 presidential election, accused the head of state of lying. He says that a political agreement was reached at the time with Joseph Kabila to allow a peaceful transition at the head of the country, with the agreement of three African powers. Corneille Nangaa claims to have been one of the co-editors.

In the DRC, the serious accusations of Corneille Nangaa (our illustration photo) against Felix Tshisekedi have been at the heart of discussions since Saturday, September 23. AFP

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The thesis of a Kabila-Tshisekedi agreement is, for five years, at the heart of the accusations of the opponent Martin Fayulu, who claims to be the real winner of this election. Prince Epenge, one of the spokespersons for the Lamuka coalition, called for an investigation: "This is a serious enough assertion that it should lead to an investigation by the Attorney General of the Republic. You cannot spend a billion dollars, move more than 50 million voters and end up with an arrangement, an obscure compromise between Kabila and Felix Tshisekedi, by rejecting the real winner who was Martin Fayulu.



Recovering » Congo's dignity


We are three months away from the new elections, Prince Epenge continues. Unfortunately, we have not drawn conclusions from these statements. The current president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) is embarking the people on a new political compromise. Today, the international community has an obligation to help Congo regain its dignity through inclusive, transparent and peaceful elections.


For President Tshisekedi's supporters, this thesis does not hold water. Corneille Nangaa seeks publicity by attributing serious facts to himself, believes Thierry Monsenepwo, member of the praesidium of the Sacred Union for the Nation, the coalition formed around the head of state: "First, that Mr. Corneille Nangaa places himself in a posture where, for him to exist, needs each time to go into contradictions and lies. The only political agreement that exists is the governance agreement that was signed between the Common Front for Congo (FCC), represented by Professor Néhémie Mwilanya and Jean-Marc Kabund on behalf of Cach, which was made public on March 6, 2019 and which followed this government of Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba on July 10, 2019.


A "posture



So, there is no question of another agreement, continues Thierry Monsenepwo. This exit can be explained by two elements: first, it is that Corneille Nangaa is now applying a posture that consists of denigrating the government and denigrating the Congolese state so that it can then have the spotlight on him. And secondly, Nangaa is playing a role, that of the person who is called upon to bring democracy to discredit the upcoming elections. And this posture, unfortunately, of Nangaa, goes in the direction of annoying the entire population.


Still under U.S. sanction for corruption and obstruction of the democratic process, Corneille Nangaa is in exile. He proclaimed himself a presidential candidate in December 2023.

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