It is indicated that food from Ukraine was at the center of the struggle for the votes of Polish voters, local farmers are trying to sell grain at prices that could cover their expenses, and this leads to overcrowded warehouses. This is blamed on Ukrainian grain, the import of which was approved by the European Union so that Kyiv could circumvent the "Russian blockade".

This measure caused a glut of the roar in Poland and led to a sharp drop in Polish prices, which caused the anger of local farmers. That is why Warsaw did not support the EU's decisions.

The publication notes that the grain dispute between Poland and Ukraine threatens to destroy the goodwill that formed between Warsaw and Kyiv after the start of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces.

The translation of the article was prepared by Eno TV.

Earlier, European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean said that the overland export of Ukrainian grain across the Polish border has decreased three times this year compared to last year.