Now the so-called Transition Week has started in Västmanland. Invited school classes, policymakers and other professionals working with climate change are the main target groups. As well as the general public who during the week can visit several places with open events.

Boost the climate transition

The idea is to use culture and art to inspire visitors to start or accelerate the transition work.

"That's one of the hopes. Much of society is already in place; scientific facts, various agreements and governing documents, but we have not made it all the way and we believe that such creative bridges can lead us to the next step, says Viktoria Vingmarker.

Behind the initiative are the County Administrative Board of Västmanland, Region Västmanland, the Environment and Climate Council Västmanland and the Association Agenda 2030.

In the clip above you hear one of the initiators about what will happen during the week.