When he first entered a ceramic workshop in Sicily, he fell in love immediately, even more so when he saw couples formed by parents and children artisans build small decorative objects such as jellyfish and what on the Italian island are called Teste di moro, ceramics that represent faces of women or men very characteristic.

"It was at that moment when I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to this and open my own store in Madrid," confesses Sete Morueco Díaz, owner of the two Morueco Cerámicas stores in the capital. Sete changed everything for his dream. He decided to leave his job in a food company to embark on a new journey in the world of pottery. "I bought the first pieces in Sicily, then I went to Portugal in search of some that represented animals," he says.

His first store was lucky enough to be born in an area that is emblematic of Madrid, in the neighborhood of La Latina, a place frequented by both locals and tourists. "I loved that place, especially because of its proximity to the Rastro, where I've been since I was little," he confesses.

Thanks to his studies as a graphic designer, he was able to develop his own brand. "Many of the pieces that customers can find inside my stores are designed by me and manufactured in Spain, thanks to the collaboration with three potteries."

And when he saw that his products were highly appreciated, as he says, "his head went out", and he decided to open another store in Madrid, this time on Calle Moratín 42, in the Las Letras neighborhood. "I realized that the business was working very well. However, I needed a little more space because the Rastro store, although I always consider it as 'my pretty girl', has its limitations," he says.

This new point of sale has soon become a real attraction for visitors to the area; Many are those who pass in front of his showcase just to photograph his pieces or to enjoy his artistic and striking atmosphere.


The ceramic animal wall for me was a must. In fact, at home I have a similar one with all the ones I bought during my travels, "he says.

In his shop it is possible to find very particular objects such as sugar bowls shaped like lemon or eggplant and his latest collection that has a series of dishes whose decorative elements represent the soul of the Morueco brand, that is, a leopard and a toucan.

"Everyone who enters the store always finds something they like because there are ceramics of many different styles. On the one hand, there is a more traditional line with objects that take up the typical decorative idea of southern Spain, and then we also have products with more modern colors," adds the owner.

Taking care of his social networks, he says, has helped him a lot to make himself known not only in Spain, but abroad. "People come from everywhere. Many customers tell me that they follow us on Instagram and come especially from France, the United Kingdom..."

Now his pieces have reached the small screen conquering the most spied and famous house in Spain: that of Big Brother VIP. Turning on the television it is possible to observe some of his creations, such as two giant lizards and some dishes, which decorate the walls of the external courtyard of the house and also some of his Sicilian heads. "I think people now know how to value the work behind our products. In the end, each piece you buy here is unique, there is no other like it," he says.

His dream, he says, is to expand his business to other cities, though surely in the more distant future. "For now, I think it's better to stop," he concludes with a big smile.

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