The 28th edition of the Tolerance Awards granted by the Association for Tolerance will fall this year on the agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard who acted in Catalonia on 1-O. The jury of the entity considers that the award is convenient for "the loyal defense of both bodies of the constitutional order in Catalonia during these difficult years", although its delivery is shrouded in controversy.

As columnist Arcadi Espada advances in his opinion column published by EL MUNDO, the Association for Tolerance does not find an institutional response from the headquarters of these security forces to go and collect the award. In this regard, they point out that in August they contacted representatives of the Chief Inspector of the Police in Catalonia and the Division General and Head of the Civil Guard in Catalonia Zone to attend the awards ceremony on behalf of each of the police forces.

However, the entity points out that on September 4 we obtained permission from the Police but two days later they called them by phone and indicated that they should ask permission from their superiors in Madrid to see if they would let them collect the prize. For their part, from the Civil Guard in Catalonia they were told that they were making the request to their commanders in centrals.

The Association for Tolerance regrets that they had verbally promised to give a response on 14 September but were not reached. Despite this, they emphasize that in all the calls exchanged with both police forces there was kindness and sincere expressions of gratitude.

From the Association for Tolerance it is highlighted that "the agents suffer and have sacrificed a lot all this time and deserve our recognition and admiration", although they regret that "their political commanders prefer to hide shamefully to facilitate the infamous marketing of Pedro Sánchez with the independentistas, who perpetrated a coup d'état against Spanish Democracy. "