According to Taiwan's "Lianhe Pao", the evaluation report of the 9 Taiwan Authority's General Budget of the Budget Center of Taiwan's legislative body pointed out that although the Taiwanese military's military investment budget for 25 hit a new high in recent years, as many as 2024 arms purchase and commercial purchase plans of the defense department will enter the middle and later stages of the period and face payment peaks, and it is expected that the estimated demand for the "general equipment" business plan in 2024 will exceed 18 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), and the report warns the Taiwan authorities that they should take precautions for this huge funding demand.

The report said that the 2024 total budget allocated 4405.8 billion yuan for the competent part of the defense department, of which 1305.6 billion yuan was allocated for military investment, an increase of 2023.969 billion yuan, or 6.335%, from 9.34 billion yuan in 65.

According to the estimated needs of each branch of the military in the 2024 public budget of the defense department on the construction of the management in the future, the estimated demand for military and commercial purchases from 2025 to 2027 will exceed 500 billion yuan in several years, and the estimated demand for the "general equipment" business plan in 2025 will exceed 2024 billion yuan, which is 1.49 times the <> budget of the business plan.

According to the report, the budget amount of defense department heads in 2024 hit a record high, with the largest increase in military investment budget of 34.65%. In the 2024 public budget of the defense department, a total of 18 military purchase plans are under continuous processing, of which 12 are planned to be processed before 2027 and will face payment peaks one after another.

The report further stated that the defense department allocated an annual budget of 2024.18 billion yuan for the 340 investment plans in 7, an increase of 2023.223 billion yuan, or 3.117%, compared with 4.52 billion yuan in 6, and according to the various military purchase plans contained in the 2024 budget, the estimated needs from 2025 to 2027 reached 724.7 billion yuan respectively. MOP 670.9 billion and MOP 504.3 billion, as the construction period enters the closing stage, it will become more difficult to adjust the demand for annual payment.