Renewed clashes between Arab tribal fighters and the forces of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of Dhiban in Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria.

After clashes stopped for almost two weeks, and the SDF, which is led and dominated by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), announced its control over many areas, the Arab tribes announced the start of a new battle, with violent clashes erupting in the villages of Thebian, al-Tayyaneh and al-Muhammadiyah.

Sheikh Ibrahim al-Havel, the sheikh of the Akidat tribe, sent an audio message announcing the beginning of the tribal attack on the SDF.

During which he called on tribal fighters to raise public alert and support from the people of the Euphrates to fight "the SDF, Qandil and the traitors of their lackeys," noting that this fighting is "holy and imposed fighting."

It is noteworthy that the SDF forces have carried out a campaign of large-scale arrests after taking control of Arab villages that were under the control of the tribes, and activists on social media accused the SDF of "abusing the people, storming homes, launching a campaign of arrests, stealing homes, burning and confiscating them."

The SDF has pushed large military reinforcements to the areas of clashes, in an attempt to prevent the expansion of tribal forces in areas under their control.

A curfew was also declared in the villages of Sabha al-Ibrahim, al-Busairiya, al-Shahil, Baghouz and Thebian.

In his speech, Sheikh al-Havel said tribal forces that are "engaged in fierce battles in Dhiban" reiterate their position "to impose the Arab component and recover our land and dignity".

Urgent!!️: 🔹#العكيدات fighters extend their control over the whole town of #ذيبان and #الحوايج and defeat #قسد #قسد_حليفة_الاسد

🔸Audio statement from #الشيخ_ابراهيم_الهفل: Announces the beginning of the offensive of Arab tribal and tribal fighters

🔹The bodies of Qandil mercenaries in the lands

🔹Continuous advance of tribal fighters and combing of liberated areas.

— Nawaf Al-Agidi (@GydyNwaf38285) September 25, 2023

The Arab tribal forces had previously managed to regain control of about 33 villages from the SDF forces in the governorates of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasaka and areas in Manbij in Aleppo during operations carried out from August 27 to September 13.

But it later withdrew from these villages to prevent civilian casualties during the SDF attacks, and accepted to sit at the negotiating table with US forces in Syria as a mediator in the region.

Under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State, the SDF, with US support, took control of Deir Ezzor, whose population is entirely Arab.

Opponents accuse the SDF of recruiting Arab children in the areas it controls and forcing them to fight in its ranks.

They also accuse it of illegally selling oil to the government in Damascus, bypassing U.S. sanctions, using that money to fund its activities, and depriving residents of services and aid.