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The PS5 is now at a bargain price with EA Sports FC 24. Play the latest installment in the FIFA franchise and enjoy incredible immersion with Sony's next-generation console.


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Save 120 euros on the price of the PS5 which goes from 619.99 euros to 499.99 euros and comes with EA Sports FC 24 dematerialized. Sony's next-generation console offers exceptional performance, total immersion and a catalog composed of exclusives such as The Last of Us, Final Fantasy 7 remake or God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man. Its super-fast SSD reduces load times and lets you switch between games in an instant. The included DualSense controller has haptic feedback that makes you feel the sensations in game thanks to adaptive vibrations and triggers. The PS5 is compatible with 3D sound for a three-dimensional sound rendering that surrounds you. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a football stadium when you play EA Sports FC 24, the latest installment in the franchise formerly known as FIFA. Simply enter the code into your PSN account and download it to enjoy it when you receive your PS5!

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Play EA Sports FC 24 on PS5 with big savings

EA Sports FC 24 delivers an authentic, innovative and realistic experience. This football simulation uses three cutting-edge technologies. HyperMotionV captures the real movements of players and professional players for a more fluid, dynamic and expressive rendering. PlayStyles optimizes the behavior of players, players and teams according to their real-world characteristics to enhance the diversity and personality in the game. The Frostbite graphics engine enhances the game's graphics, animations, and visual effects to make it look better and more immersive. The PS5 + EA Sports FC 24 Pack lets you enjoy the best of football on a great next-gen console. Play with legendary players from the biggest clubs and participate in world leagues and championships. Discover many game modes to vary the pleasures!

Click here to redeem the offer on PS5 + EA Sports FC 24

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