"What we have seen in recent weeks is that serious violent crimes are happening simultaneously in all three police areas in our region. Criminal networks from other places have interests in the criminal activities in our region, which makes it complex, said Malena Grann, regional police chief in Police Region East.

On Monday, all police area managers for Police Region East gathered in Linköping to hold a press conference after the serious crimes that have occurred in different parts of the police area. And the fact that the criminal environment has changed is something the police are forced to adapt to.

"We are detaining, we are seizing weapons and explosives. In the past, such measures have stopped crime. Now we see that in some cases the violent crime is only delayed until another person comes and carries it out. It is clear that society must do much more to prevent new recruitment to gang crime, says Malena Grann.

Hear her talk more about the crimes and how children are recruited by criminal gangs in the clip.