On the 24th, a police officer was attacked in northern Kosovo, former Yugoslavia, killing one person and injuring one.
Kosovo's Prime Minister Kurti has claimed it was caused by Serbian-backed forces in a conflict over independence, raising fears of rising tensions.

Kosovo gained independence from Serbia unilaterally in 2008, and although most of the residents are of Albanian descent, the majority of the population is Serbs in the north, and conflicts with the government continue.

On the 24th, Kosovo's Prime Minister Kurti posted a statement on his SNS condemning the Serbian side, saying, "Serbia's support for violence and terrorism is a terrible violation of our national security and international law," and paid tribute to the police officers.

According to Reuters and others, three of the attackers were killed in the attack.

On the other hand, Serbian President Vučić said on the 3th that the attackers were ethnic Serbs and claimed that the Kosovo government was responsible, raising concerns about rising tensions.

In northern Kosovo, in May, Serb demonstrators clashed violently with peacekeepers led by NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and many people were injured.