The region, in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, presented on Monday fresh figures on the health of Norrbotten.

The health of young children points to the better when the region reported well-being. But even though the figure for young children is falling, the county is above the national average by a few percentage points.

Energy intake versus energy consumption

According to Lina Stråmo, pediatric consultant at Region Norrbotten, an important part of the equation is to control what children eat at a young age.

"The only direct cause you can see that affects the most is excessive energy intake. Then we have different genes and different propensities to accumulate energy in the body. But what happens in overweight is that the body gets too much energy.

Does not disappear as they grow

Many people choose not to do much about weight when children are so young. One theory is that it disappears as children later grow.

"Unfortunately, you can't see that obesity grows away with aging. 90 percent of 3-year-olds who have these problems will keep them into adulthood.

Hear Stråmo about how everyone in society has a responsibility to reverse the trend.