"This is good news," says David Svensson, section chairman for health and social care in Kommunal in Jönköping.

Among other things, the staff will receive work shoes, something that Kommunal has been fighting for for several years. In addition, a further investment is being made in wellness, and the right to exercise during working hours is being strengthened for home care staff.

Missing staff

– We have high sick leave rates in home care, and previously it has not really worked with training during working hours, because there was a lack of staff, says Elin Rydberg (S), chairman of the elderly committee.

We have previously told you about the skills development in the so-called disability care lift. Now care staff will also receive specialist training in, for example, care Swedish or in how to best take care of people with outgoing behaviour, during paid working hours.

Pharmacists and janitors

In addition, four pharmacists will be employed during the autumn, who can relieve the nurses with, among other things, the patients' annual reviews of medications. Some cleaning tasks will be purchased from the technical office and janitors will change light bulbs and other things that the assistant nurses have previously performed.

– We will also start with more digital purchases, for example for home care staff who shop for a care recipient without them being included, says Elin Rydberg.

But the initiative is presented just a week before the major schedule change, which among other things means that staff will have to work more days and more weekend shifts. Katarina Landén, who works as a schedule coordinator at Gräshagen's home care service, joined us at today's press conference.

"It feels a bit like we're going to get a little band-aid on the wounds.

In the clip, you can hear what she thinks.