Libya floods: China to start reconstruction work in Derna

In Libya, the authorities in the east of the country have announced that they want to organise an international conference on 10 October for the reconstruction of Derna, a city devastated by the storm that destroyed more than 20% of the city two weeks ago. But it is China that will inaugurate the reconstruction work of the disaster area.

Bridges cut, buildings destroyed, roads ravaged... Derna bears the scars of the disaster. More than a third of the city was destroyed. © Houda Ibrahim/RFI

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While participation in such a conference could be a real diplomatic headache for many countries, the executive of eastern Libya is not recognized by the UN. There is one country, China, that does not seem to take this into consideration. According to Ali Sidi, the infrastructure minister in Mohamad Hamad's government based in eastern Libya, Beijing will inaugurate the reconstruction work.

China, "effective power"


« We are aware that China is today the effective power that could build infrastructure, bridges and roads in a very short time. We know that China has a large financial mass, China also has investments that we have agreed on in Libya. They are ready to rebuild the infrastructure in Derna, under the aegis of the Libyan Metro. »

« In reality, it is proprietary information that no one knows except my department and the parties involved in the agreement. We received an official document from the BFA coalition, a coalition that connects China to Libya. I therefore have the agreement to inaugurate the reconstruction of the disaster zone in partnership with China. »

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