The Lebanese army has completed building a road and levelling rocks along the Israeli withdrawal line in the southern Shebaa Farms area.

Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that the United Nations forces (UNIFIL) and an Israeli force deployed in the occupied Shab'a farms during the road construction operation.

Soldiers from the Lebanese and Israeli armies exchanged smoke grenades last Saturday, due to bulldozing carried out by the Lebanese army in the Bastra area in the vicinity of the Shebaa farms.

Israeli soldiers fired smoke grenades at a Lebanese army patrol while escorting a bulldozer removing a berm erected by "the occupation north of the withdrawal line (the reserved Blue Line) in the Bastra area – the south," the Lebanese army said.

The current dividing line between the two countries, known as the Blue Line, is a border drawn by the United Nations and represents the line to which the Israeli occupying forces withdrew when they withdrew from southern Lebanon on May 25, 2000, after a 22-year occupation and resistance throughout the occupation, with the exception of the Shebaa Farms, the Kafr Shuba hills, and the Lebanese part of Ghajar.

Mount Dov is the name used by the Jewish state to refer to the Shebaa Farms, which Lebanon claims, while the United Nations considers it part of the Syrian Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967.