The man, who is in his 25s, was caught red-handed by customs at the railway station on July 27 last summer.

During the check, the large amount of narcotics was found in his backpack.

In police interrogation, the man has admitted that he transported the drugs from Stockholm and that he was going to leave them in Haparanda.

Would receive drugs in compensation

In return for the transport, the man would receive narcotics.

"He himself has stated that he felt compelled to the mission, but there is no information about actual coercion or that he would have been prevented from actually cancelling the mission after he had taken it. Nor is there any reason to reduce his sentence in light of the fact that he was only a carrier ...", writes Haparanda District Court in the judgment.

The man, who is registered elsewhere in southern Sweden, has previously been convicted of drug-related crimes.