Matvienko said this during the plenary session.

"Lilia Salavatovna (Gumerova. - RT): prepare a request to the FAS with a request to check on what basis the publishing house "Enlightenment" so sharply increased the prices of textbooks, "RIA Novosti quoted her as saying.

Matvienko spoke out against the monopoly on the publication of textbooks, and also called for the creation of healthy competition among different publishers in the field of printing school textbooks.

"Well, you can't monopolize the market in this way today - and as a result, prices and expenses of regional budgets are growing so much," Matvienko concluded.

Earlier, RT reported that the chairman of the Association of Manufacturers of Children's Goods, Works and Services, Mikhail Vetrov, proposed to evaluate the idea of creating a socially important list of school goods and supplies available for purchase by parents at the lowest price or as part of social assistance.