Many livestock farmers and farmers in eastern Libya fear a food crisis in Libya after Hurricane Daniel left thousands dead there. More than 40 percent of livestock and about 85 percent of agricultural land were destroyed.

In a special statement to Al Jazeera Net, the director of the Department of Animal Resources in the Green Mountain region, Saleh Suleiman Bou Mubaraka, said that preliminary estimates indicate that more than 40% of the livestock in the municipality of the Green Mountain of sheep, cows, camels and poultry have died and damaged their pens because of Daniel.

The cyclone also affected the roads leading to the pastures of these animals, and appealed to the competent authorities to protect the remaining livestock.

He also stressed in his statements to Al Jazeera Net the need to deal with dead animals appropriately to ensure that they do not cause an environmental disaster, demanding "immunization of the remaining livestock and according to the appropriate vaccine and according to what specialists in the field of veterinary and animal health see."

At the same time, Boumbarka also demanded compensation for the losses they suffered.

The floods that accompanied the passage of the cyclone led to the loss of 85% of agricultural land, causing the loss of this season's crop of vegetables and fruits.

The Eastern Province accounts for 40% of Libya's livestock production, mostly in the Jabal Akhdar region.