For days Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) has been on track an agreement with the PSOE to obtain an amnesty for those involved in the judicial, administrative and accounting cases of 1-O and thus support the investiture of its candidate, Pedro Sánchez, to preside over the Government. However, despite the fact that the "political part is already resolved" there are still "technical issues" open so "documents circulate" among all the political formations involved in this negotiation to various bands, since Sumar and Junts are also present.

The ERC spokeswoman, Raquel Sans, said that the amnesty "we take for granted, but the political conflict still exists" and that is why she added that "the real negotiation comes now: we have not solved anything." Therefore, he stressed that these "more technical issues" are not simple, although the Republicans are still nothing closed: "We have to address the negotiation really and we have to start walking in relation to the referendum."

Despite this, he acknowledged coordination between the pro-independence parties since "there are different proposals and conversations" and indicated "if we ask for the same, we do not need to go free." Thus, he stressed that the current situation puts "the counter to zero, but there is a conflict to negotiate and, if this conflict continues to exist, the negotiating framework is very clear" and in reference to Junts he added that from ERC "we bet on the democratic way", of which "we have made flag, very alone, receiving many criticisms".

However, Sans recalled that Pedro Sánchez, "does not have the guaranteed votes and will have to work in this direction if he wants to be president of the Government" and added that "he knows very well what the conditions of ERC are" and has reiterated them: amnesty, self-determination and welfare of citizens. Therefore, he stressed that ERC will not accept last-minute talks and that, if Pedro Sánchez wants to be invested, he has to put "the fifth gear".

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