The goalkeeper of the English team Derby County, Josh Vickers, has announced on his Instagram account that his wife, with whom he married just three months ago, on June 1, has died because of the cancer against which he had been fighting for some time. Along with a photo of her wedding day, Vickers has written a text to announce the news and thank the support of her friends and family.

"I've written and deleted this many times and I still can't find the right words. On Tuesday afternoon my wife lost her long battle with cancer," he begins. Vickers, who describes his wife as the "strongest, bravest and loving" person he has ever met, points out that despite the harshness of the disease, the young woman never stopped smiling.

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"We have cried, laughed and danced during difficult times. I will cherish every moment we spent together, from the first time we met to the moment you left peacefully. I know you will look at me from above and continue to inspire me every day." Finally, he took advantage of the publication to send a message of thanks to those who have shown their support to him and his family and those of his wife in "these difficult times".

Vickers, 27, plays as a goalkeeper for Derby County and previously played for Arsenal and Swansea City, although he never played in the first team.

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