• Teatro Carmelo Gómez, the actor who disappeared from the cinema overnight (and nobody knows why)
  • Cine Carmelo Gómez: "The headlines said he was the best actor in Spain and I thought he was an idiot"

In that unbearable lightness of being, as Milan Kundera said, Carmelo Gómez emerges with the firmness of a reed. He knows where he comes from and in that free will in which life composes and decomposes the chips he knows, at least, where he does not want to go. "Everyone disparages the past in an absurd way and calls the present 'the future is now'. It is to start shaking. There is a game with time and we must know what it means. What if every moment of our life is already the past? What if we are infusing ourselves with a series of norms and values, do we become heirs of them and we want others to also perceive that way of understanding the world?", asks the actor during the conversation with LOC about the premiere of The Wars of Our Ancestors with Miguel Hermoso at the Goya Theater in Barcelona.

Despite the negative connotation, were our ancestors' wars better than today's?
For example, as much as I read, it does not enter my head that there are men fighting in Ukraine when there are ultrasonic missiles that destroy hundreds of hectares around. My flesh opens. At this moment I could not tell you which wars are worse, but I am convinced that they are all infinitely bad because they are aimed at destroying the other, when in fact we have come to share with the other. The perception of what happiness means is impaired. Happiness is that of the other. When they say I'm looking for myself, I get discouraged. First, those who seek themselves know that search is a wonderful place; second, if one finds something, he does not want to lose it again and third, what is always found is the other. That gives you a notion of who you are, and thanks to it, you can contrast yourself, you can love, hate, help... But everything that happens to you is because of the other. What a pity... The system we live in now is that my success is your failure, not my success is my success. I need you to fail because I measure myself for you. It's a pity. With how artisanal your craft was in cinema, how do you deal with new technologies? Nets are a big pollution, but I try not to be a slave. I don't feel better or worse than the kids of now because we've all had slavery and mandates. But knowing how the journey of the internet has been, Google serves more gossip, lies and smears than knowledge. And yet, it's there, you can extract it. Almost ten years without shooting films, your own decision? I saw that they changed the models, the way of learning the text, they gave it to you the night before and you had to learn five scenes in a row without giving dignity to the character. You have to put tone, soul, feeling... And I said enough. I had no desire, no capacity and it was of no use to me because I felt empty. On top of that, the interpreters are very poorly paid. He only needed to choose the actors based on the virtual followers. How easily they tell you that everything has evolved and you have been left out because you do not have networks. I don't have them because I'm not a fish. Let me live peacefully. I'm as much an actor as anyone who has Instagram. In addition, they do not sell a chrome for the likes. People who are in the networks do not go to the cinema or the theater because for them it is a waste of time. Almost nothing is known about your daughter Laura, has she inherited her steps? She is dedicated to dance. Since childhood she has always been fascinated, she has been very sensible, she is very faithful to her word and has a well-armed head. I've talked a lot with her about what art is. This discipline has a very short career and it is a shame because the immense effort And on top of that it is poorly paid. It's super independent. He assumes his responsibility, destiny and decisions.What do the words father and mother evoke in him? For someone as complex as me, it's a question I don't know how to answer. Father is tenderness, support, understanding and distance. Being a parent is not possession, but help. It's loving someone who needs you very much and then letting them fly, like birds do. But I understand that his father broke the scripts. It was almost like having a policeman at home. My parents thought I was twisting and being the firstborn they believed that they were raising a child who was going to be eaten by another. By the tricksNas woke me up before him to study and when he got up I hid what I read, but I discovered it and broke it. He was angry. And as long as it didn't hit me... Well, I made photocopies. My parents were heirs to a way of understanding education and the world to prepare their children for the future. They were townspeople who transmitted the values instilled in them by those who preceded them with the same impetus. It was that of "this is so because I say it and it's over". Fortunately, that has changed. Now it's "whatever my prince says," and there they are lost, ha ha. In his mother he found that shelter. He died young. He was an affective reference. A lot of the emotional potential I have as an actor is because of her. I suffered a lot about things, I was worried about myself because I was always alone and protected myself. I always carry a picture of her on the clothes of the characters I make.