"These are free companies that also have to find new business models at a time when we have completely different patterns of behaviour when it comes to media," says the Minister of Culture.

Subscribers in western Sweden are affected following a decision by Stampen Media and the distribution company VTD, but the development is also visible in more parts of the country. Among others, Upsala Nya tidning and Östgöta-Correspondenten stop delivering to around a thousand subscribers each.

Some are worried that Sweden will be pulled apart in this way, but Culture Minister Parisa Liljestrand (M) disagrees. Her answer is that the new media support that the government plans to introduce at the end of the year will solve the matter.

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Soon out of print for the paper newspaper in the mailbox for around 10,000 additional subscribers, especially in rural areas. See Gunnar Klasson and hear the union about the experience of a profession that is disappearing. Photo: Elin Schwartz/SVT