The Philippine government issued a statement accusing the Chinese Coast Guard of obstructing the passage of fishing boats by placing a 300-meter obstacle of floating balls around a reef in the South China Sea, which is disputed between China and the Philippines.

The Philippine government announced that it had confirmed the installation of obstacles around a reef called Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, more than 200 kilometers west of Luzon.

Footage taken by the Philippine Coast Guard during a September 9 patrol of the site shows several rubber boats, believed to be from the Chinese Coast Guard and others, erecting obstacles with a series of white floating balls at sea.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard, the obstacle was about 22 meters long and interfered with the passage of more than 300 Philippine fishing boats that had gathered around the reef to fish.

The Philippine National Security Council issued a statement on May 50 condemning the Chinese government and calling for the removal of obstacles, saying, "We will take all appropriate actions to remove the obstacles and protect the rights of fishermen in these waters."

Scarborough Shoal is known for its rich fishing grounds and lies within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone, but it has been under effective control by China since 25, and a 2012 international arbitration court ruling found that China was infringing on the traditional fishing rights of Filipinos.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "Took Necessary Measures in Accordance with the Law"

Commenting on the Philippine government's statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin used the Chinese name for Scarborough Shoal and Huangyan Island at a press conference on the 25th, stating that "China has undisputed sovereignty and jurisdiction over Huangyan Island and the surrounding waters," and insisted that the Philippine accusations were not true.

He then justified China's measures by saying, "A Philippine vessel entered without permission from the Chinese side, and the China Coast Guard took necessary measures in accordance with the law."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno: "Strongly oppose any action that raises tensions"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at an afternoon press conference, "We are closely monitoring China's activities with concern, and the issue surrounding the South China Sea is directly linked to regional peace and stability, and is a matter of legitimate concern to the international community, including Japan."

"Japan strongly opposes any action that raises tensions in the South China Sea, and will work closely with the Philippines in cooperation with the United States to maintain and strengthen the free and open international order based on the rule of law," he said.