Xining, September 9 (Sun Rui Xu Tengjiao) The reporter learned from the State Power Investment Yellow River Hydropower Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Yellow River Company") on the 23rd that Unit 23 of the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station Expansion Project successfully passed the start-up acceptance, marking that Unit 5 of the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station in the upper reaches of the Yellow River is about to enter the 5-hour trial operation stage.

The picture shows the Lijiaxia Hydropower Station in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. Photo courtesy of Yellow River Company

Lijiaxia Hydropower Station is located in the middle section of the Lijiaxia River Valley, the main stream of the Yellow River at the junction of Jianzha County and Hualong County in Qinghai Province, is one of the most important water conservancy projects in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, its dam height is 175 meters, dam length is 414.39 meters, the dam is arched, is the first hydropower station in China to adopt double-row design, and the world's largest double-row hydropower station with double-row machine layout.

According to reports, the scope of acceptance includes the civil engineering of Unit 5, the installation of the buried part of the hydro-generator set, the installation of the hydro-generator set, the installation of auxiliary equipment of hydraulic machinery, the installation of electrical primary and secondary equipment and the fire protection system. The acceptance working group inspected the on-site construction situation, checked the relevant materials such as project acceptance and quality supervision, and listened to the acceptance work reports of the engineering construction, design, supervision units and the expert group for initiating acceptance technical inspection.

After discussion and study, the acceptance working group unanimously agreed that the civil engineering, water diversion power generation system, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, fire protection engineering and other projects related to the start of Unit 5 have been completed, the project image meets the requirements for the start-up and operation of the unit, the project quality is qualified, the operation management agency and staffing meet the requirements, and the unit meets the requirements of grid-connected power generation, and agrees to pass the start-up acceptance.

As an important peak shaving and frequency regulation power supply for the "Qingyu DC" UHV transmission channel, Unit 5 mainly cooperates with the intermittent power supply operation of photovoltaic and wind power generation, smooths the amplitude change of wind and solar power generation, converts new energy power generation into a safe and stable high-quality power supply, and realizes clean energy bundled delivery, which will make important contributions to the construction of a new power system, promoting the construction of a <> million kilowatt-level clean energy base in Qinghai Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and ensuring the safety, stability and economy of the "Qingyu DC" UHV transmission channel. (End)