Wuhan, September 9 (Zhongxin.com) -- The 23/2022 China Urban Planning Annual Conference, hosted by the Urban Planning Society of China and the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, opened at the Wuhan International Expo Center on the 2023rd. With the theme of "People's Urban Planning Empowerment", more than 23,7000 delegates from all over the country attended.

The picture shows that on September 9, the 23/2022 China Urban Planning Annual Conference was held in Wuhan International Expo Center. Photo by Zhang Chang

"In the final analysis, a city is a people's city and a happy paradise for the people." Shi Nan, secretary general of the Urban Planning Society of China, said. He pointed out that at present, China's urbanization has entered a new stage of transformation and development focusing on improving quality, and the challenges and opportunities facing urban development coexist, and adhering to the main position of the people in urban development to meet the people's growing needs for a better life is the fundamental purpose of urban development and the fundamental path of high-quality urban development.

According to reports, Wuhan has always taken "building a people's city" as its purpose, accelerated the construction of a national central city and a core city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, continuously explored the modern governance methods of megacities, and accumulated new experience in planning and spatial governance. Wuhan promotes the integration of urban landscapes by building a core area of "two rivers and four banks"; By making up for the shortcomings of cultural and public service facilities, the renovation and renovation of many historical old streets have been completed, making the city pleasant, livable and touristy.

In order to showcase the achievements of Wuhan's urban planning and development, Wuhan selected 12 thematic research routes and 17 self-service experience points, including urban renewal, historical cities and industrial heritage, waterfront cities, rural revitalization, new industrial cities and other sections, involving landmark attractions such as Lihuangpi Road, Tan Hualin and Chu River Han Street, for guests to visit and experience the development and changes of Wuhan.

It is reported that the China Urban Planning Annual Conference is the most influential, academically advanced and most participatory academic summit and industry event in China's planning industry, and is also an important platform to display the latest achievements in academic exchanges in the field of planning. The three-day annual meeting will hold more than 3 academic dialogues, and experts and scholars will have in-depth discussions on topics such as new urbanization, urban renewal, historical and cultural protection, rural revitalization, and ecological protection. (End)