The police were alerted to a shooting in Vasastan at 21 pm on Wednesday evening 13 September. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

Mum Jennifer was cooking late at night when she got word that Giovanni had been shot.

"The police knocked on the door and told me my son was dead. There are no words, says Jennifer.

Giovanni has previously been convicted of drug-related offences. He has been placed under LVU since a young age, and recently lived in SiS homes.

Jennifer met Giovanni just days before the murder. He had recently been released from the SiS home and lived in southern Stockholm. According to Jennifer, Giovanni had decided to turn the page and that he had broken with links to the criminal environment.

"He was fine. He would work, get a driver's license and become a doctor," says Jennifer.

Calling on politicians to take action

During the election tour last year, Jennifer had a chat with the then Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) about juvenile delinquency, which attracted media attention.

After the murder of her son, she wants to meet government politicians. According to her, tougher measures are needed against gang crime.

"Magdalena has said that she wants to see me again. I would also like to meet the party leaders in the government. They can't let this go any further. They need to deploy the military, starting with drone surveillance and control in the subway. I would like to meet them so that they understand how difficult it is to lose a child, says Jennifer.

Hear Jennifer tell in the video.