Gutfeld recalled that last week, Senator JD Vance asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken "who the hell is this and why an American citizen acts as a representative of a foreign state."

"Who is this clown? Why does an American act as a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and who pays for all this? And why does he bring back memories of the cook in the eighth grade?" the journalist said.

According to Gutfeld, "Sarah is the perfect personification of the Ukrainian conflict: she pours a lot of money into herself, relies on rhetoric rather than reality, and makes pretentious speeches about freedom."

"But if you look closely, you won't like what you see," the presenter concluded.

Translation of the material into Russian leads InoTV.

Earlier, Ashton-Cirillo published a new video with threats against Russian journalists and officials. In the address, the transgender said that "war criminals" will be punished after the end of the conflict.

Prior to that, Ashton-Cirillo said that next week "the world will see" how "Kremlin propagandists will pay" for "crimes." Thus, the transgender spoke out about Russian journalists.

In this regard, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia would send a video to international organizations and NGOs where Ashton-Cirillo promises to kill pro-Russian journalists.