President Biden of the United States and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met and exchanged views on normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia, with which Israel has been at odds for many years.

U.S. President Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 20th in New York, where the United Nations General Assembly is being held.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Biden said, "Our commitment to Israel is unwavering," while Prime Minister Netanyahu replied, "Under the leadership of the President, Israel and Saudi Arabia can build a historic peace."

At the meeting, views were exchanged toward the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which have been at odds for many years, and Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to the White House by the end of this year, and they confirmed that discussions would continue.

On the other hand, President Biden called for improvement of the security situation in the West Bank, where tensions continue, and for maintaining the possibility of peace through the coexistence of two states between Israel and Palestine.

In recent years, in the Middle East, U.S. involvement in the region has weakened relatively, and China has strengthened its relations with Saudi Arabia and other countries, and President Biden intends to maintain his influence by playing a certain role in normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

In the future, amid difficult issues such as the Palestinian issue, the focus is likely to be on whether the relationship between the two countries will improve as the United States intends.