Chengdu, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- The first Golden Panda International Cultural Forum with the theme of "Civilization and Coexistence: Colorful, Equal, and Inclusive" was held in Chengdu on 20 September. During the forum, government officials, cultural celebrities, experts and scholars, and film and television practitioners at home and abroad delivered keynote speeches and held dialogues, discussing the development of film and television mutual learning between the East and the West.

Sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, the Golden Panda Award is held every two years, and is an international cultural award for the world, with film and television works as the carrier and giant pandas as cultural symbols, so as to promote exchanges and mutual learning among human civilizations and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. The Golden Panda International Cultural Forum is an important main activity of the first Golden Panda Award.

Tang Jili, chairman of the jury of the first Golden Panda Awards film unit and director of Hong Kong, China, said that film, as a cultural carrier, conveys the common values and concepts of mankind. The movies "Kung Fu Panda" and "Mulan" have selected excellent materials from traditional Chinese culture for creation, and have achieved great success. In China's thousands of years of traditional culture, there are more treasures waiting to be developed and created, and I hope that filmmakers around the world can share the dividends of the Chinese and world film markets and cooperate for a win-win situation.

At present, China has become the second largest film market in the world. In the past summer file, China's box office exceeded 206.5 billion yuan, with a total of more than 04 million moviegoers, both breaking the record of the highest box office and the highest number of people in the summer file in Chinese film history. Among them, the movie "The First Part of Fengshen " has achieved a double harvest of word-of-mouth and box office in China, and has been released in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions. Behind this film, there are also Eastern and Western film and television exchanges and cooperation.

The film's director Wu Ershan, said that making "Romance of the Gods" into an epic movie is his dream as a film director. In order to present better visual effects, Wuershan specially invited Douglas Hans Smith, who has participated in visual effects work such as "Star Wars" and "Independence Day", as the visual effects supervisor, and took him to visit Chinese temples and museums to find inspiration from traditional Chinese culture.

It is reported that the total number of works collected by the first Golden Panda Award reached 7024,104, covering 4927 countries and regions, of which 70,<> were foreign works, accounting for <>%. Zhang Yimou, chairman of the jury of the first Golden Panda Awards, said that he looks forward to contributing highly industrialized and excellent content film and television works to the Chinese and even world markets through exchanges and interactions with the world in the future. At the same time, we also hope that more film and television works from all over the world will find audiences in China. (End)