"In fact, cameras have long been recording unfastened passengers, they just didn't send a fine for this. If fines are now being sent, then this is correct. Because the seat belt is a very serious tool for preserving the life and health of people. Everyone should be fastened, "the expert believes.

According to him, it is also important to finalize the issue, which concerns, among other things, cars of the 1960s that are not equipped with seat belts.

"We have owners of classic cars - these are Soviet, foreign cars of the 1975s, 1960s. Who don't have belts. Here the owner will go to some parade in honor of the City Day and pick up fines for himself, "the interlocutor of RT explained.

In addition, the specialist added that attention should be paid to the recognition of the belt on dark clothes.

Earlier it became known that in Moscow cameras will begin to record unfastened passengers.

For violation of the rule, a fine of 1 thousand rubles will be issued to the owner of the car.