In the National Assembly of South Korea, a vote was held on the consent for the arrest of the representative of the largest opposition party, for which an arrest warrant was requested by the prosecution on suspicion of breach of trust, etc., and it was passed with a majority in favor. The court will then decide whether to issue an arrest warrant.

Lee Jae-myung, president of South Korea's largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Korea, has been asked for an arrest warrant by prosecutors on suspicion of breach of trust and other charges for his involvement in fraudulent remittances to North Korea by companies and fraudulent business when he was head of a local government.

According to the provisions of the Constitution, the consent of the Diet is required for the arrest of Representative Lee, a member of the Diet, and as a result of a secret vote on the arrest consent bill at the plenary session on the 21st, the bill was passed with a majority of 149 votes in favor and a majority of the 295 people present.

This will allow the court to decide whether to issue an arrest warrant in the future.

This is the second request for an arrest warrant against Lee since February, and although the previous proposal to consent to the arrest was rejected, it is believed that a number of members of the opposition party, which holds the majority in the Diet, voted in favor of the proposal for the arrest agreement in the previous election, since Lee had indicated that he intended to waive the privilege of not being arrested by members of the Diet.

Lee was absent from the Diet on the 2st due to his criticism of the administration and fasting, but the passage of the arrest consent bill is expected to affect the future management of the opposition parties.

Meanwhile, at the plenary session on the 2st, a resolution submitted by the opposition parties to dismiss Prime Minister Han Deok-so was also passed.

Due to the lack of legal binding, President Yoon Sung-yeol is expected to continue to serve as Prime Minister Han, sharpening the standoff between the opposition and the government.