The first warning applies to the mountains of northern Lapland. A total of 5 to 15 centimetres of snow is expected, locally just over 20 centimetres, while there is a risk of strong winds.

Inexperienced visitors are advised not to go out on the mountain as it is difficult to orient themselves due to reduced visibility.

Snow and rain

The second warning applies to the western part of Kiruna and Gällivare municipality except the mountains. In several places, it can give 5 to 10 centimeters before it turns to rain during the night.

"It is a little uncertain where the line between rain and snowfall will go," SMHI writes.

"Thinking about road safety"

The snowfall can cause traffic problems and delays.

However, local traffic and school transport in Kiruna that were cancelled yesterday will run as usual again, but can be changed at short notice.

– According to the weather forecast, it will snow throughout Thursday, so the buses may be a little delayed, as the bus drivers have to think about road safety, writes Kiruna municipality.

On Wednesday, SMHI removed the orange warning they had had in the area.