• Pedro Sánchez now refuses to say that Puigdemont should be tried: "A political crisis never had to lead to legal action"

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont has lashed out this Thursday against Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra, the historic leaders of the PSOE who lead the socialist opposition to the approval of the amnesty, definitively raided yesterday by a Pedro Sánchez who already publicly supports not judging the fugitive.

"There are politicians who, when they speak, raise the price of bread, and others raise the price of quicklime," said the fugitive from Spanish Justice in obvious reference to the LAG.

"At the moment, it seems that there has been a rebound in Spanish interest in calcium oxide," he said in a message on his social networks, a day after former Prime Minister Felipe González called not to be "blackmailed by anyone, much less by minorities in danger of extinction."

The words of González, pronounced at the presentation of the book La rosa y las espinas, by Guerra, have also provoked criticism from the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, and the president of the party, Laura Borràs.

"It is seen that the reserves of quicklime have increased," said Turull in response to González, while Borràs has reproached him for recognizing "without shame" his effort to "exterminate" the independence movement: "If democracy has to be sacrificed for Spain, they do it, period," said the president of the post-convergents.