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Photo: Reiner Zensen (l.); David Maupilé

If you want peace, you must first understand war. But what does war look like in the 21st century? Is it possible to solve the new wars in Ukraine, but also in countries like Syria or on the African continent, with the same means as in the past? And if not, what can Germany, what can Europe do instead for a more peaceful world?

Eva Maria Schnurr, head of the history department at SPIEGEL, talks about this with political scientist and author Herfried Münkler in the next episode of our digital event series SPIEGEL Deep Dive. Follow the interview via livestream – and ask your questions too!

Herfried Münkler, born in 1951, taught as Professor of Political Theory and History of Ideas at Berlin's Humboldt University until his retirement in 2018. He has written numerous bestsellers, including on the history and nature of war, and is a dialogue partner with leading politicians.

If you would like to read up on the topic of our event, you will find a very exciting SPIEGEL essay here, in which Münkler analyzed the Ukraine war and pointed out possibilities for a solution.

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