A 46-year-old man arrested for the alleged murder of his two-year-old daughter in Thailand has confessed to police killing four of his children, local media reported.

The suspect, identified as Songsak, was arrested on September 10 along with his wife, Sunan, in the Bangk Khen district of Bangkok after police were alerted to a possible case of child abuse. In the premises, the police rescued two girls who were locked in the bathroom with signs of aggression and launched a search for the couple, who were arrested hours later, collects the Bangkok Post newspaper.

At the police station, the man then confessed to killing his third daughter, only two years old and whose body was found by police on Tuesday night buried in the kitchen area of a rural property located in central Thailand, police sources told The Nation.

During his statement to the authorities, Songsak, who is the father of ten children between six months and 22 years old – fruits of his relationship with four women – has also admitted to killing four of his children, between 2013 and 2018.

The bodies would have been dumped in different parts of Bangkok, so the authorities have set up a joint working group to find out the information and try to locate the bodies of the other children, according to the publication Thai Rat.

The suspect allegedly attributed his crimes to "various mental illnesses."

Metropolitan Police Office Division Two Commissioner Atthaphol Anusit told local journalists yesterday that both Songsak and two of the children's mothers had previously been reported byneighbours for domestic violence and child abuse.