King Charles III, who intends to establish his image internationally a year after his accession to the throne, will try to make his political mark during a speech to French parliamentarians on Thursday, September 21, on the second day of a state visit to Paris.

The day before, Charles III and Emmanuel Macron sent a message of Franco-British "friendship" focused on "the future" during a sumptuous dinner at the Palace of Versailles, the highlight of the king's visit to France.

After this dinner in Versailles and a descent of the Champs-Élysées alongside President Macron, the king is expected to speak at the rostrum of the French Senate, at 11 am local time (9 GMT).

This is a first for a British sovereign. In 2004, his mother Elizabeth II gave a speech in the Senate Conference Hall, in front of deputies and senators together, but not in the Hemicycle.

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