According to the lawyer, at present, employees of defense industry enterprises work in an enhanced mode and receive the "material allowances" required in this case: preferential experience, and also, under certain conditions (dangerous or harmful production), they are entitled to early retirement."

"In addition, the condition for the use of preferential land tax is the presence of a land plot in the ownership of an employee of the defense industry. As for the property tax, then, according to the designs of tax norms, the benefit is provided only for one property, depending on the wishes of the owner, "Solovyov said.

He also added that tax incentives are aimed at supporting low-income groups of the population, namely pensioners, large families, veterans.

"There should be a general campaign. Benefits for those who are socially vulnerable. In the defense industry today, good salaries and a grace period for retirement, "the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Earlier, the State Duma called for the introduction of tax incentives for a number of employees of defense enterprises.

According to Deputy Vlasov, the state pays considerable attention to the development of the country's military-industrial complex, creating conditions for attracting promising specialists and inventors to this industry, on whose activities the issue of ensuring national security directly depends.