Irene Montero has not paid the 18,000 euros to which she was sentenced on June 8 by the Supreme Court for slandering Rafael Marcos, former partner of María Sevilla, president of Infancia Libre, and Marcos' defense has requested the execution of the sentence and an investigation of his assets for a possible embargo.

After being notified of the conviction for falsely presenting Marcos as an abuser in a speech in May 2022 at an event at the Women's Institute, and for disseminating said speech on his social networks, Montero had 20 days to make the payment of the fine voluntarily.

But that did not happen, nor was the video of the speech removed from the minister's Twitter profile, a video that is still there today.

Therefore, in mid-July, Marcos' lawyer, Ruth Arroyo, sent the High Court a request for execution of the sentence, so that the court would ask Montero for payment. Along with that demand was included, as is usually done, a request for an investigation of assets, in the event that Montero does not pay.

On Tuesday, September 12, the Court transferred to the Prosecutor's Office and State Advocacy the demand for execution and the investigation of assets presented by the defense of Marcos, and this newspaper reported on it.

The Prosecutor's Office and State Attorney's Office had from that date 10 days to respond to the demand, but in reality this procedure occurs, according to legal sources, only in the Supreme: when the convicted person is not certified and is judged in any other instance, it is the court directly who finds out assets, to avoid defaults.

The defense of Marcos, consulted this Wednesday by this newspaper, does not want to enter to assess if Montero really intends not to pay and ignore the sentence. In the speech of the Minister of Equality, the impartiality of the judges is frequently questioned, for example in relation to the so-called 'Yes is Yes Law', promoted by her Ministry and which has finally benefited hundreds of sex offenders: the magistrates have made a misinterpretation of the norm, the minister has repeated on several occasions.

On May 22, 2022, the day he violated the "personal reputation" of Rafael Marcos according to the Supreme Court, Montero said that the pardon to María Sevilla granted by his Government meant giving shelter "to protective mothers" who only do "defend themselves and their sons and daughters against the sexist violence of the abusers."

Rafael Marcos has never even been prosecuted for ill-treatment. Despite the many complaints that Sevilla filed against the father of his son for years, complaints always dismissed by Justice in the absolute absence of evidence, the father was never even charged with any fact, and got custody of his son, who currently lives with him in Estepona (Malaga), after the mother prevented him from seeing him for eight years, the last two in search and capture.

The Police had to release the child, unschooled at age 11, from a farm in Cuenca, and Seville, which years before had lectured in the Congress of Deputies and the Assembly of Madrid by the hand of Podemos as an expert in domestic violence, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the kidnapping of the minor, and then pardoned by the Government, and treated as an "exemplary mother".